The boring stuff

We have written our terms and conditions as succinctly as possible to avoid any misinterpretation.

They are designed to make it clear to both parties exactly what is required and expected.

Website Design Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. The quotation provided by MMC Design will be for any specific agreed work. Should additional work be required this will be requested in writing by the client and quoted for separately.
  2. Once the client has agreed that work can commence, a payment equal to 50% of the quoted price may be required. Fees below £500 may require full payment in advance. Any outstanding payments must be made upon project completion.
  3. MMC Design reserves the right to terminate a contract at any time if it is deemed that the website content is illegal, unethical or immoral.
  4. The client is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and content of their information.
  5. It will be assumed that all content supplied is either copyright of the client or copyright free. MMC Design will not accept responsibility for copyright issues caused by improper use of material.
  6. Where content is to be supplied by the client this must be undertaken within a reasonable timeframe, to be agreed with MMC Design at the commencement of the contract. Failure to achieve this target may result in additional charges being applied and impact upon our ability to deliver a service.
  7. Where requested, MMC Design will work with the client to identify a suitable hosting company and hosting agreement.
  8. MMC Design cannot be held responsible for failures which are outside of its immediate control; this includes the hosting company.
  9. One year support contracts arranged with MMC Design will require 50% upfront payment and the remaining 50% due after 6 months. Specific terms and conditions for any support contract will be dependent upon the client's requirements.
  10. If MMC Design purchases domains and/or hosting packages for the client these will be automatically renewed - unless instructions to the contrary are received.
  11. Completed projects will normally be uploaded to the web space owned by, or set up for, the client. Alternative arrangements can be made.
  12. Late payments will incur a charge of the 'UK base rate' plus 4 percentage points. A late payment refers to 30 days after invoice.